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the best icons and resources on LJ

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icons and resources
01. Read all the rules before applying here.
02. No requests. No advertising.
03. Please be respectful when taking other people's icons and resources.
04. When posting icons please include 2-3 teaser icons and put everything else under a cut.
05. For resources such as textures or brushes you must use a preview image no larger than 400 px, if it's bigger place it under a cut. Password protected textures and resources are NOT allowed at all. Anyone linking to a password protected entry will be banned immediately.
06. Icons that have questionable content or are spoilerish should be placed behind a cut with an appropriate warning.
07. If you applied and were rejected you are free to re-apply in one week.
08. Please don't get mad if you are rejected. If you make a fuss you'll be restricted from ever applying again.
09. Please include the phrase 'hi my name is...' in the subject line of your comment when applying so that we know that you read the rules.